The neighbors periodically gave her unnecessary bottles having no idea that she would build a house out of them

This is how 5000 bottles helped this woman save on heating her house! 🧐🤔 The woman built a house out of bottles and had no regrets about that later! 😍

Today’s incredible story is about a tradeswoman who took a great interest in bottles. Everything started when she watched a show which was about one man who built a house entirely out of glass bottles. She viewed it as a good way of saving money.

When such a brilliant idea came into her mind, she immediately rushed to make it a goal and achieve it. She chose the bottles really carefully. All the neighbors rushed to help her collecting many bottles and all their efforts eventually paid off.

It should be mentioned that it was technically much more difficult to build a house out of bottles, rather than from ordinary materials. However, the woman successfully managed to complete it all.

Vera was married twice and now lives with her 22-year-old heiress named Alena. Though she works day and night, money still isn’t enough and mostly it goes to the treatment of the girl’s autoimmune disease.

What concerns the advantages of living in a house built out of 5000 bottles: it is environmentally friendly, it doesn’t deteriorate and doesn’t need to be updated with print or whitewash

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