«From a water tower into a luxurious house!»: The brothers transformed the water tower and left everyone speechless

No one has seen something like this before! 😱😯 The brothers turned a water tower into a comfortable multi-level apartment and showed the final result! 🫣😍

Here are Sven and Lennart who spent their whole childhood in South Holland.  Most of the games they used to play were in a water tower and just imagine their surprise and happiness when Lennart’s family bought the tower.

It was constructed in 1915. It has remained well-maintained and cost no less than 200000 euro, but it was definitely worth that. The brothers successfully managed to transform it beyond recognition.

Currently, Sven and Lennart live here with their families. Their wives supported their decision to make such a creative and original idea come into reality. Their unwavering support helped them a lot.

They had to work on the transformation for no less than 10 years. However, all these years and their efforts eventually paid off. As soon as they completed the renovation, they left everyone speechless with the final result.

The minimalistic design and modern interior inspired millions of people in the world. It is not only modern but also comfortable and has all the conditions to live in.

Due to the panoramic windows the house is lightened in a completely natural way. Have a look at this and share your opinion!

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