Prayer for Difficult Times

A Prayer for Strength in the Face of Adversity

Father in Heaven,

My heart overflows with gratitude as I reflect on all the benefits You’ve shown me. Dearest Father, Your all-seeing eye is trained on the current tapestry of my life, which is woven with difficulties and afflictions.

The weight of these issues threatens to overwhelm me, and I admit my inability to manage them alone. I come to You seeking forgiveness for letting my faith waver in the face of adversity and for allowing excessive worry to overtake me.

I am now casting all my burdens on Your magnificent shoulders. The weight of worry pounds hard on me, and I place these loads in Your capable hands. In exchange, I beg You to grant me inner peace and calm.

Wrap Your calming embrace around my heart, and allow me the steadfast tenacity to face each day with renewed vigor.

Allow not despair to take root in my spirit; instead, nourish my trust and cultivate a firm dependence on Your perfect time. Dear Father, I thank You from the bottom of my heart for listening to my pleading. My request is answered in the name of Jesus.

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