The woman had no money to buy a house and made an airplane a comfortable place to live many will only dream of

Not everyone can boast that they made a house inside of the airplane! 😱🫢This woman became an Internet star after she showed her unique house! 😲👏

This incredible story is about American Joanna Ann Ussery who suffered a tragedy – she was left without a roof above her head. Her house was completely ruined by a storm and then an original idea came into her mind – to buy an airplane.

Apart from the 2000 dollars she paid, she then spent much money for its transformation. Here, one can find three bedrooms, a kitchen where there is even a washing machine. The updated bathroom is designed in a modern style too.

However surprising it seems, there is also a hot bath inside which created a special atmosphere. To live in such a home-airplane seems to be nothing but a dream.

This is something that definitely far not everyone has ever seen in their lives. No one would deny that it looks both unusual and intriguing.

This may also be called a mini museum. Very often, the woman’s grandchildren visit their grandmother’s unique place to play games and imagine as if they are in the air.

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