«Before the famous monobrow!»: This is what the popular social media star looked like with no monobrow

Exclusive photos of this famous girl without a monobrow that only a few have seen 🤔🧐

Here is Hadzhipanteli who gained overall recognition due to her extraordinarily beautiful and non-standard appearance. On social media, she has about 400 thousand subscribers who sincerely admire the unique star.

However, far not everyone has seen what Sofia looked like before her transformation and the unibrow that brought her popularity all over the world.

The network users divided into two groups: those who considered her unique no matter what, and those who claimed that only due to her monobrow she could achieve worldwide fame.

There were also those who kept wondering what led her to spoil her natural beauty and become a freak.

The number of those who believed that with the monobrow she looked unique definitely prevailed.

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