«His dental condition is alarming»: Johnny Depp has caused concern among fans by constantly avoiding smiling

He completely forgot that dentists exist in the world!😱🤐It’s clear that Depp could really use the help of a qualified dentist to restore his iconic Hollywood smile🙄🤔

The beloved and famous Johnny Depp returned to the screens this time in the film «Jeanne du Barry»․ Fans were very happy to see him again.
Among the many praises, fans immediately noticed that the actor had an alarming problem with his teeth.

This problem apparently arose due to his well-known habits, including smoking and the fact that he does not often go to the dentist and does not receive dental care. Unfortunately, after such habits, the condition of the teeth worsened.

Now he absolutely needs the help of a qualified dentist. After the procedures, he can restore his Hollywood smile. Despite all this, fans are glad that the actor returned to the silver screen.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the actor to finally pay attention to the health of his teeth and oral cavity in order to regain his good looks.


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