This is a wish list from a foster youngster in Oklahoma.

The heartwrenching story of a brave young child, which moved people worldwide, was shared on Facebook by the group “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.”

This dedicated group focuses on supporting and caring for children who have endured any form of abuse within their families. They take action by removing abusive parents from the home and providing them with the necessary assistance, care, and understanding. Afterward, the children seek loving adoptive families who can offer them a safe and nurturing environment, free from abuse.

In Oklahoma, a child had suffered maltreatment at the hands of his alcoholic biological parents. The innocent youngster endured years of physical and emotional abuse, depriving him of the joys and tender moments that should be a part of every child’s life.

Thankfully, concerned neighbors alerted the police, leading to the child’s rescue from his abusive parents. The little one was then placed under the care of “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.”

With the hope of a better life on the horizon, the child eagerly awaited the opportunity to be adopted by a loving family. As the organization’s volunteers worked diligently, they soon found a suitable adoptive family for the child.

Filled with excitement and hope for his new home, the child took pen to paper and composed a heartfelt letter to his future family, expressing his wishes and dreams.

In this letter, we see the poignant wish list of a foster child from Oklahoma. It serves as a poignant reminder to always consider those less fortunate, especially children who lack the love and support they desperately need. Let us be mindful of their struggles and strive to be the loving and caring family they so deserve.

“Things I want in my family.
I want food and water
Don’t hit on me.
A house with running water and lights.
I want to love.
Mom and dad don’t fight.
I want no drugs.
Don’t kill my pets.
Help with the school.
Nice clean clothes.
No lice. No bugs in house.
Clean house.
Clean bed with covers.
Don’t sell my toys.
Treated fair.
Don’t get drunk.
Tv in-house.
Let me keep my school stuff.
Nice shoes.
My own comb soap. Nice house and safe and heater coat.

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