Caitlyn Jenner’s Topless Photo Is Going Viral

Although Caitlyn Jenner has not been in the headlines recently, she has been working hard to increase the size of her fortune.

In an effort to promote her new high-end sunblock, Jenner, 70, stripped naked and stood in front of the camera while cooling off in a private pool.

The picture reveals that Jenner does not have tan lines and probably lounges around topless whenever she feels like it in the company of her much-younger girlfriend.

Besides holding the container of sunblock (which looks like a cheap vibrator), Jenner has her hair slicked back with her Olympic gold medal hanging around her neck and large black sunglasses. Her smile mirrors the inscrutability of the Mona Lisa.

Jenner created the sunblock, Lumasol, with her close friend Sophia Hutchins, who are both credited as creators of the brand. The spray sunblock is encased in a silver bottle, which makes it look like a pocket vibrator or a bottle of perfume.

Jenner captioned the post with the not-so-humble: “Chillin’ with my two favs @mylumasol and my medal.”

Fans liked and commented on the image by the thousands. One person wrote, “You look so beautiful.”

Despite the controversy surrounding Jenner’s transition from being a man to being a woman, she has proven to have staying power in the public eye. It’s been five years since she announced her transition and continues to make headlines like this – as well as release new products that make banging profits.

Other comments on the post included: “Caitlyn out here skinny dipping her best life.”

Another fan wrote: “Cait, you’re looking great.”

Caitlyn Jenner won the Gold medal in 1979 for the Men’s Decathlon. The games took place in Canada and were highly competitive. It’s quite amazing that a woman won the men’s category in the Olympics!

Although Cailtyn’s ex-wife’s son-in-law (Kanye West) has been reaching the headlines for all the wrong reasons, she is moving forward and developing products that have real value. Although not many people will shell out a fortune to buy a high-end sunblock, there is a market for such products as Kendall Jenner proved when she released her Moon line of teeth whitening products. They are featured in retailers like CVS, among others.

Even though Kanye West might be having a mental breakdown, Caitlyn Jenner is living her best life and raking in the cash with the release of her new product. And she is positioning herself to be Kanye’s best vice president selection. And why not? She is a proven businesswoman with the dedication of an Olympic athlete who also has an eye for fashion. That’s more than many other people who have been considered for the vice president position.

Unfortunately for Jenner, Kanye turned the other cheek and named Michelle Tidball, “an obscure preacher from Wyoming,” who has been teaching near Kanye’s remote prairie home. She runs a Hebrew website with a religious name. She is currently seeking clients for her life coaching business, which may have taken a hit during COVID-19 after clients quit following faulty advice.

However, West may change course. If he becomes dissatisfied with Tidball, he might turn to a more trustworthy woman in his life, his former stepparent-in-law.

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