For $8300, a man purchased 400 feet of plastic to wrap his house

Hardly anything is impervious to the damage that nature may wreak when it strikes. Only a handful of the catastrophic weather occurrences that wreak millions of dollars worth of damage include floods, tornadoes, and dangerous hurricanes.

When Mother Nature decides to behave unpredictably, most of the time all we can do is move out of the path or make every effort to protect our properties.

Texas resident Randy Wagner followed this precise course of action to safeguard his home during hurricane season. Randy may have spent up to $8,300 for a 400-foot length of plastic sheet that would protect his home from floodwaters during the hurricane.

Many of his friends and neighbors thought it was a foolish investment and that it was absurd to spend so much money on plastic and so much time putting it up.

But to them, Randy’s very prudent decision to fortify his house against the storm sounded insane. Contrary to what his neighbors thought, Randy built a 400-foot wall around his house to keep the water out. His $8,300 investment ultimately saved him from losses that could have cost up to $150,000 to repair.

It’s crucial to know what safety precautions to take when a hurricane is approaching, just like Randy. These basic recommendations can be useful.

Before an order to evacuate is given, it’s important to be continually aware of your surroundings and conversant with the best evacuation routes. Also, make plans for where you can stay. Include everything you’d need in an emergency kit bag, including a flashlight, batteries, some cash, basic first aid items, and medication.

There should never be a situation when you return home after being asked to leave. If you haven’t been advised to evacuate and will be staying at home, prepare emergency supplies that will keep you alive for many days even if you lose electricity or water. Consider how your family or even your community will communicate in case of an emergency.

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