Parents build two container homes in their backyard to allow their teenage daughters to live independently. Take a look inside photos

It becomes time for youngsters to leave the family nest and become more independent as they develop into teenagers and then young adults.

Some people may relocate across the country to attend college, while others may do so locally to live on their own.

When Henderson, Nevada couple Matt and Linda realized their daughters Ashley and Maddie were already teenagers, that moment was drawing near for their family.

As a result, they started looking for a home with more room for their family. The daughters were old enough to live on their own after a while, but they preferred to be near to their parents.

As a result, Matt and Linda started considering container homes that they could set up in their backyard.

They were able to locate two 340 square foot container homes constructed by Alternative Living Spaces.

Each home cost either $70,000 for the fully furnished model or $60,000 for the basic design.

The couple bought two houses and built them in their backyard, connecting them to the main house’s sewage, electrical, and water systems.

Their daughters were given the chance to be independent while also remaining close thanks to this arrangement.

When Matt spoke with Tiny Home Giant Journey, he stated, ‘It gives our teenage daughters some autonomy and some space, but (they’re) still in the backyard.’ Added him:

‘The girls can live there, but we both have older parents, and we thought, well, if we had these storage containers,

we have this multi-generational setup that we could put them out there,’ the couple said.

Each self-contained container has a living room with a TV and a pull-out sofa that can be used as a guest bed.

A tiny kitchen with an induction cooktop, a microwave, and a small fridge are among the additional conveniences.

Since the beds are elevated and have built-in drawers underneath, the bathroom has a walk-in shower and plenty of storage, and the bedroom also has plenty of space.

‘Despite the luxuries, the girls still spend a lot of time at their parents’ house because they enjoy having independence while still being close to them.

I never cook in here, Maddie remarked. I visit there and use their kitchen while I live at home. Oh, the benefits of being so near family!

After some time, Ashley went away because she decided she wanted to attend college. But instead of leaving the container empty,

Maddie’s pal Braedon moved in. He rents the house from Matt and Linda and enjoys it just as much as the girls have with its unusual layout.

‘I never wanted to live on campus; I really enjoy being around my dad; he’s one of my best friends, and I couldn’t imagine being apart from him.’

The entire family, as well as friends like Braedon, have clearly benefited from the unusual arrangement. Online users shared the same impressions. Someone wrote:

This is a fantastic concept because it lets the parents know where their daughters are and enables them to support them should the need arise.

Another person praised Matt for being ‘thoughtful and considerate’ and for giving his kids their own space as well as

for ‘making provisions for both his parents and his wife’s parents if and when the need arises as they age.’

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