«Exclusive footage of Rihanna’s newborn»: This is what Rihanna’s second child looks like

Rihanna and her husband showed their newborn for the first time! 🧐😮The touching photos melted the hearts of the followers of the famous singer! 🫠💘

For those who don’t know, this legendary performer and her husband welcomed their second baby on August 1. Recently, they have delighted their fans with exclusive footage of their newborn. The photos immediately went viral and made a splash.

The spouses named the little miracle Riot Rose showing him in a terracotta-colored outfit. By the way, the first baby’s name is Rzu Athelston who is already 1-year-old. The iconic performer herself was dressed in a fashionable denim outfit.

The proud father of two was in a white T-shirt and jeans complementing his stylish image with lots of luxurious jewelry just like his beloved. What concerns Riot, he looked adorable and melted the hearts of their fans.

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