The harpy eagle is so big, it looks like a human in a costume

Some snaps showing a harpy eagle, have recently gone viral on social media with lots of people wondering if there’s actually a bird, a human in a costume or a strange creature from a science-fiction movie. Honestly, watching those photos, it can be each an every one of them. But in fact, is only a bird. Well, actually it is the largest bird on Earth. Everybody, meet the harpy eagle!

However, despite its online reputation, the species is on the endangered animals list. The harpy eagle is a fierce predator, being on the top of the food chain. However, because of human hand, mostly because of deforestation, their numbers have dramatically decreased.

Native to rainforests from Central and South America, there are less than 50,000 individuals left in the wild, most of them living in the Brazilian forests. Here it gained a name that is worthy of its stature – the royal-hawk

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