The wedding ceremony is terminated when the bride breaks down after hearing a voice in the background.

Everybody has a specific mental picture of their wedding day. As they go down the aisle, many people picture a room full of their closest friends and relatives.

Like most couples, you probably want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day, no matter what other arrangements you may have.

But rarely do things go according to plan. Both the bride and groom and the guests learned how amazing surprises can be at Patricia and Neil Swan’s wedding.

The couple had their own ideal plan for their special day, but they were unaware that their guests had extensive plans as well!

The marriage of Patricia and Neil in Kincasslagh, Ireland, in February 2017 was going as planned. They exchanged

vows and were about to make their lifelong commitment when they heard a sound coming from the church’s rear.

A voice slowly started to sing. The rest of the flash mob started to join in, leaving the couple in wonder and dumbfounded.

Contrary to what many people expect, this wedding flash mob didn’t entail much jumping, dancing, or loud singing. The choir sang ‘How Great Thou Art’ as their magnificent voices filled the church.

Daniel O’Donnell, an Irish singer who also happened to have a personal friendship with the bride,

provided the moving song. Other local celebrities also attended the party and helped to ensure that the bride and groom will never forget their special day.

O’Donnell turned revealed to be Patricia’s uncle! Patricia was the singer’s assistant as well. The content performer shared on Facebook

in February 2017 the thrill of witnessing his niece get married. He commented, ‘Celebrating my niece

Trish’s wedding to Neil Swan yesterday,’and included lovely images of the couple in the caption.

Other famous people who joined the party were Derek Ryan, Tony Kenny, Shawn Cuddy, and Tony Allen,

according to a YouTube video of the flash mob. The stunning video was initially shot by Simon Barr Wedding Films.

Patricia started crying right away because the performance was so amazing and emotional! This surprise was so overwhelming that it truly caught

everyone in the congregation off guard. Not only Patricia was driven to tears, but many other viewers also expressed their emotions in the comments area of the video.

‘I cry like a baby every time I watch this. What a memory, and really beautiful,’ someone said. A other person wrote, ‘Woah, I’m almost in a waterfall of tears.’

The O’Donnell and Swan family received more and more fantastic news! The Irish Independent reported

in 2021 that twin girls were born to Patricia in September of that year. Writer O’Donnell had said:

Many of you will recognize my niece Trish, who doubles as my personal assistant, from her time spent traveling with me.

I’m happy to say that twin girls Ava and Kayleigh, who were born on September 8th, have made Trish

and her husband Neil the pleased parents. It would be an understatement to say that we are all ecstatic.

In the same month, O’Donnell shared a sweet snapshot of the twins and himself on Facebook.

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