«Pitt, look what you lost!»: The new provocative photos of Aniston became the subject of discussions

Believe it or not, the «Friends» star has perfectly maintained her figure and still breaks hearts with her attractiveness and unfading elegance. Behind her stunningly shaped body lie regular yoga, sports and a proper nutrition.

Lately, she has delighted her followers with a provocative photo shoot where she appeared in nothing but black lingerie and a plus-size blazer. She proudly flaunted her half-naked body leaving no room for imagination.

What concerns the second look, she gave her preference to a short leather poncho. The third look included loose trousers and the same jacket. The star posed seductively surprising her followers.

To say that her appearance has remained nearly unchanged since the release of the series is nothing to say. It is something one can hardly believe. Aniston shows what it actually looks like to age like fine wine.

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