«Mistaken for beggars!»: Camera lenses captured Bieber and his wife and surprised their followers

The fans were not ready to see what Justin and Hailey look like when they think no one is watching them! 😮🫣Their laid-back style left a lot to be desired! 😦🤐

It is needless to say that show business stars do their best to always look beautiful and well-groomed, especially when they make public appearance. However, the laid-back style of some celebrities often leaves a lot to be desired.

It is no secret that the couple of Justin Bieber and Hailey is considered to be among the most fashionable ones today.  One may say that they have become ambassadors of street fashion with their oversized clothes.

Camera lenses have recently captured the famous spouses at Charles de Gaulle airport when they were about to fly to France. Hailey gave her preference to a stylish coat, blue jeans, a black sweater and a hat.

What concerns the pop singer, he was dressed in a loose hoodie, sport pants and a gray hat too. They definitely weren’t ready to meet paparazzi and couldn’t even raise their eyes.

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