What Megan Fox Wants You To Know About Her Romance With Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox has always been the object of intense, undeserved criticism. When she moved on from longtime partner Brian Austin Green with Machine Gun Kelly, things were no different. This is what she wants the world to know.m

The world owes Megan Fox another apology. The Transformers actress has been put through the wringer her whole career and it looks like the media vultures aren’t stopping anytime soon. Even as the world becomes ravaged by disaster after disaster, the media and the public can’t take their eyes off Megan’s personal life.

Moreover, it’s not like they’re choosing to focus on the positive side. Once again, Megan is having to face accusations about her character, whether she is a good girlfriend or wife, and her responsibilities as a mother of three. However, Megan’s response to the hate and criticism remains as self-aware and understanding as ever.

This is someone who’s learnt from her experiences and knows how to value herself. 2020 hasn’t been easy on her — on top of a global pandemic, the actress has had to deal with the pain of separating from her husband, the challenges accompanying a new relationship, being a single mother, and a media frenzy over her private choices.


Yet she remains true to herself and to the world about what she’s going through. Her lessons on double standards, self-love, and empathy should tell us a thing or two about how we can live our own lives with authenticity and kindness.

In May, Brian and Megan announced that they were separating for good. A few weeks later, Megan was spotted being out and about with rapper-singer Machine Gun Kelly, also known as MGK. The two packed on the PDA and were not shy about expressing their love for each other, in public and on social media.


But what was supposed to be a joyous moment for the two lovebirds turned to horror as Megan’s feed was inundated with folks chiming in about her new fling. Immediately, people started slamming her new relationship, condemning her choice to move on so quickly from Brian, bashing her for showing public displays of affection.

Once again, the word ‘slut’ got thrown around — it seems that even a worldwide pandemic couldn’t stop the public from hurling derogatory, sexist insults at the actress. It becomes all the more jarring when her husband Brian has been seen getting hot and heavy with other women in the wake of their separation but he hasn’t had to deal with any of the judgment or slut-shaming.

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