After waiting for 10 years, this woman had quadruplets… Here is how their whole family looks after a few years…

oKayla Glines has countless reasons to be overjoyed – she holds the unique distinction of being the world’s first third-born individual to give birth to quadruplets. At the age of 32, against seemingly insurmountable odds, Kayla welcomed four precious additions to her family: Reese, Jameson, Oaklee, and Lincoln.

Her extraordinary journey unfolds over the course of more than a decade, marked by hope, unwavering patience, moments of despair, and ultimately, unbridled joy when her heartfelt wish to create a loving family with her husband, Allen, became a reality.

Initially, Kayla embarked on the path of fertility treatment, leading to her first pregnancy with triplets.

However, this joyous occasion was marred by tragedy as one of the babies didn’t survive. Heartbreak soon turned into hope as Kayla found herself expecting again, this time naturally. To her astonishment, she learned that she was pregnant with quadruplets.

Kayla, who herself is part of a triplet, shared her amazement, saying, “We couldn’t believe it when I went for an ultrasound, and the doctor told me I was pregnant with quadruplets. We had been trying for so many years to get pregnant naturally, and to find out that I was going to have four babies, especially when I’m a triplet myself, was really amazing.”

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