When this family inherited an old building, they never expected to find some many hidden treasures

Many of us inherit things from older family members when they pass.

Usually, this includes things like money or jewelry and sometimes even property. However, I don’t think any of us have ever been handed quite this big or impressive of a time capsule…

User oktober75 on Reddit is an American who, along with other family members, inherited an old building from grandparents. Recently, this user amazed others on the site by displaying images of what they found inside.

The building was a shoe store that operated long ago, in the 1940s up until the 1960s. The store and everything inside has been locked up and entombed until now.

The location of the store was not shared in the post, so as to preserve the user’s privacy and to prevent any kind of break-ins.

However, pictures show that the shoes in the store are all in almost perfect condition despite their age!

While they appear a bit dusty, much of the color and structure in the shoes seems to have been preserved.

There are many recognizable brands displayed in the store, such as Converse

One day, the Reddit user claims, the family will be comfortable sharing more information about the name and location of the store.

For now, though, we just have these amazing images to consider

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