Auggie from «Wonder» has grown up!: Here is the lead actor from the great film years later

Do you remember Auggie from «Wonder»?🤔This is what little actor Jacob Tremblay looks like years after the release of the film! 🤭🫣

Few knew that during the preparation for his role in «Wonder», this young actor even visited medical centers where he met children with Treacher Collins, the syndrome which his character in the legendary movie had.

It is worth mentioning that before appearing in «Wonder» which brought him greater fame and recognition, he previously had some acting experience. He has brilliantly worked on around twenty projects so far and is not going to stop.

They regularly applied makeup so as to make him look like the character. He had to wear that around 1-1,5 hours per day. Many viewers were wondering what he looks like without makeup and here he is!

Some are more than sure that he can easily achieve big success and incredible career heights in modeling due to his perfect features and charisma.

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