Who stole Adele’s heart after her divorce?»: Here is the man with whom Adele was spotted in Malibu

Paparazzi caught singer Adele on a secret date with her new boyfriend in Malibu 😳🤔

Recently, this outstanding and talented singer was spotted with Rich Paul, an American sports agent. The iconic performer was in an oversized black shirt and loose-fitting trousers. It seems as if she found her new love and is finally happy.

The perfect complement to her image became her Hermes Birkin handbag. It is worth mentioning that Adele seemed happy and fully engaged in the conversations with Rich. She eventually found enough time to enjoy her well-deserved break.

The renowned star shared that she felt anxious and unsure about returning to the stage since her latest performance was back in March.

She added that having shingles and itchy skin came as a big surprise for her. However, despite all these difficulties and challenges, she truly enjoys what she does and will never quit on music.

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