«One step away from vulgarity»: The provocative photo shoot of Bellucci’s heiress became the subject of discussions

All eyes are on Bellucci’s daughter who poses seductively and wins millions of hearts 😍

The Italian deva’s daughter has already built a drizzling and successful career in the big world of modeling. She is one of the most sought-after and in-demand young models of today who has already collaborated with a number of fashion houses.

The future superstar has taken part in a very daring photo shoot and dressed in Alaia’s summer and fall collections. The charming heiress of the «Malena» star proudly showed her attractive body in a see-through set and looked very confident.

She daringly posed looking right into the camera and was ready to win millions of hearts of men again.

Then, she changed her outfit putting on fishnet tights, a leather jacket and elegant gloves. Her «model» face drove everyone crazy who were fortunate enough to see her.

It goes without saying that her polka-dot jumpsuit with a tight turtleneck suited her the best giving Cassel even more charm. She showed her attractive body posing from all angles while leaning on a car.

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