«It’s illegal for a mom of two to look so hot!»: This is what Huntington-Whiteley looks like after the childbirth

Statham’s wife showed her postpartum body and left everyone speechless! 🤐😮 Her perfectly-shaped figure with no stretch mark and fat wowed everyone! 🫠💘

This couple is among the most talked-about and scandalous ones in the industry. Despite their big age gap, they are harmonious spouses who have recently welcomed their second child.

It should be mentioned that the first childbirth let her resume her drizzling career without even thinking of maternity leave. Yet, now, she chose to take a break and made her comeback only after 10 months.

These days, she has proudly flaunted her amazing body with no stretch marks and left her followers speechless. She gave her preference to a scarlet swimming suit and looked gorgeous.

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