«The heartbreaker is not the same!»: In a laid-back look, Cameron Diaz was not ready to meet paparazzi

This is what age and motherhood have done to this dream woman! 😧😲 Paparazzi didn’t miss the chance to film the noticeably changed actress! 😱🫢

Though the timeless beauty of this actress has never ceased to delight the entire world, she started to look even older her age. Photographers have recently been lucky enough to film the former heartbreaker.

One thing about the actress that many people praise her for is that she embraces natural ageing having no plans to turn to plastic surgeons and beauticians. Her recent appearance soon became the subject of discussions.

She gave her preference to a black summer dress with a cropped denim jacket and stylish sandals. A perfect complement to her so-called laid-back image became fashionable sunglasses.

«It’s time to see a beautician!», «Weight gain and loss of elasticity», «Envy silently! She looks fantastic for her age», «Our favorite Cameron Diaz is not the same», «Motherhood has already taken its toll on her appearance».

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