When the Robinsons were awakened one night by loud barking, the baby was only two months old.

As soon as they moved into their new home, the Robinson family began preparing the baby’s room so that it would be ready when the new member of the family was born.

Mrs. Robinson was forced to give birth to a boy, her second child, in just four months.

The Robinsons loved animals, but since their landlord forbade them from having a dog because they lived in an apartment, they are no longer interested in getting a dog, but at least one puppy.

To select a dog, the two wives brought their 6-year-old son Matias to an animal shelter. They desired a non-violent dog that could develop on the farm with the children.

They were unsure of which puppy to choose after touring the paddocks and learning about some of the pups’ heartbreaking lives.

They stumbled upon 4-year-old pit bull Benson as they were leaving. He appeared to have lost all faith in people as he strolled back with his tail tucked between his knees.

The animal shelter personnel informed the Robinson family that Benson had a genuinely miserable life when they asked about him.

He was abandoned on the streets after being used in dog fights, where volunteers discovered him.

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