«Like fine wine, she gets even better!»: This is how one of the 90s’ iconic supermodels has changed

Even 18-year-olds can dream of a body like this! 😮🫣Paparazzi secretly filmed 52-year-old Claudia Schiffer in a bikini on the yacht! 🧐😲

It is needless to say that this supermodel is among the most sought-after and iconic ones in the big world of fashion. Many have been wondering what age and years have done to this unearthly beauty and here she is!

Camera lenses have been lucky enough to capture the 52-year-old runway star on the yacht while on a vacation. She was dressed in a tiny bikini and let no single one remain indifferent towards her timeless charm and femininity.

The network users divided into two groups: some found it hard to believe that this beauty was already 52 considering that she looked fantastic for her age, while the others were disappointed claiming that there was nothing but skin and bones.

Other people started to compare her to other runway icons such as N. Campbell and C. Crawford. The pictures immediately went viral and became the topic of discussions.

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