What Does It Mean When a Deceased Person Shows Up In Your Dream?

At some time in their lives, everyone has to deal with the agony of losing a loved one.

However, the loss of a particular loved one can affect us more deeply than we realize.

Have you ever had a dream about someone who has passed away, for instance? It’s possible that you didn’t consider the importance of their appearance in your dreams.

After losing a loved one, everyone grieves in their own unique way. While some people cry their hearts out, others remain mute and turn inward.

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Some people attempt to ignore what happened or act as if nothing ever happened. However, a lot of people practice remembering their deceased loved ones in their dreams.

The dreams we have at night are determined by our subconscious, therefore if you’ve ever dreamed about a deceased person, it might mean something.

So, can we connect with the dead through our dreams?

According to Patrick McNamara, associate professor of neurology and psychiatry at Boston University School, people have visitation dreams when they see the departed.

Dreams of the bereaved where the dead appear to the bereaved in dreams and look to be very much alive,” to use McNamara’s phrase, are common.

The 67-year-old neuroscientist frequently posts on the Psychology Today website under the pen name Dream Catcher.

About dreams and their interpretation, McNamara has written a lot. Additionally, he asserts that visitation dreams typically have a rational justification.

They help the body recover from emotional trauma.

After his parents passed away, he describes a dream he had in his writing. beyond experiencing what is known as a “visitation dream,” McNamara claimed it was proof of life beyond physical death.

McNamara adds, “How much greater must be the belief of someone with a less suspicious approach to dreams than me? If I, an individual who studied dreams with a skeptical scientific cast of mind, could not shake the conviction that I had just connected with my dead parents?

More people than just Patrick McNamara have expressed interest in dreams like these, and numerous research has been carried out to find out more about them.

The American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care released a study in 2014 that examined the consequences of grieving dreams.

The study came to the conclusion that “Dreams of the deceased occur frequently, can be highly meaningful, and further healing from a loss.”

Dream themes included “past memories or experiences, the deceased free from illness, memories of the deceased’s illness or time of death, the deceased in the afterlife appearing healthy, comfortable and at peace as well as the deceased communicating a message.”

A team of Canadian researchers looked at 76 middle-aged people’s dreams in 2016 after they had recently suffered a big loss.

67.1% of people who had just lost a loved one reported that having dreams about the deceased boosted their belief in the hereafter.

Seventy percent of respondents claimed to experience visits from the dead in their dreams, and seventy-one percent claimed that having dreams about the deceased deepened their sense of kinship with the deceased.

The connections between our everyday lives and our dreams have also been researched by Jennifer E. Shorter, a psychologist at Palo Alto, California’s Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

The author of “Visitation Dreams in Grieving Individuals: A Phenomenological Investigation into the Connection Between Dreams and the Grieving” claims that it is impossible to determine how frequently visitation dreams occur.

However, this might happen right away or years from now. Her research revealed that a visitation dream has four characteristics that set it apart from other dreams:

  1. The deceased appear as they would have in reality, yet they are either younger or healthier than they were then.
  2. The deceased frequently makes comments about how they are currently, such as stating they are good.
  3. The message of the dream is more of a psychic presence than a palpable one.
  4. The dream state is typically tranquil, orderly, and harmonious.

Have you ever dreamed of losing a loved one? What does this mean, please?

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