«From an old attic into a dream dressing room!»: This transformation will pique everyone’s interest

He made all women’s dream come true! 😮💘 One man from the US transformed an ancient attic into a luxurious dressing room for his wife! 🧐🤭

Probably each and every woman has asked this question at least once «Where can I store all my clothes and accessories?». Today’s captivating story is about a man who could fulfil his wife’s dream and made a luxurious dressing room.

Everything started when he entered the attic and a great idea came into his mind. He clearly saw that there was much room there and it was worthy using it for some purpose. Making it a dressing room for his wife seemed something great.

All in all, he spent about 30 000 dollars for all the materials and the restoration. For the cabinetry, he installed 2x4m lumber to frame the walls before laying drywall on top. He then installed shelves made from planks of wood.

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