«Heidi and mini – the perfect combination»: Klum’s sparkling mini dress at the Globes 2023 deserves special attention

It should be noted that the Golden Globes 2023 was held in Beverly Hills and the celebrities there were ready to leave everyone speechless with their chic and stunning appearance. Klum definitely became the main highlight being among the first ones who made a splash highly impressing everyone.

Her sparkling mini drew the attention of all the photographers and there was an impression that she wore «the best all at once». Germaner blended daring cuts with feathered decorations which were sparkling and looked chic and luxurious.

She completed her gorgeous look with a matching clutch as well as luxurious silver shoes pulling her blonde hair on one side and applying delicate makeup in nude colors.

«She possesses such a flawless figure that everyone would dream of», «She is the one who proves that age is simply a number», «Is there anyone hotter and brighter than her?».


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