What explorers found in the ancient chest of the ship sank in 1660 will leave everyone speechless

Scientists found a wedding dress in the ship sank in 1660! 😳🤯How graceful and magnificent it was left the explorers speechless! 🤭🫣 Have a look! 🧐

Off the coast of Texel, the largest island in the North Sea, one Dutch ship sank and this tragic accident left millions in tears and sorrow. Few know that in the ship there were chests of treasures which explorers found much later.

They found absolutely unique elements dating back to the 17th century. To everyone’s great surprise, there was also a wedding dress designed out of silver threads and in a floral print.

What is more, silver discs were found as well which made the aristocratic wedding dress even more unique and distinctive.

Judging by its design and the materials it was made of, scientists estimated that it was, undeniably, a work for a representative of the upper level of society.

The dress is not only a valuable finding, but also a provider of a great opportunity for the scientists and explorers to study it thoroughly and find even more details about the life back then.

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