«A 90s’ icon through years!»: The way Claudia Schiffer appears at 53 came as a big surprise

She broke millions of men’s hearts back in the 1990s! 🫠💔 This is what age and years have done to iconic supermodel Schiffer! 😲🫣

There was a great number of people all around the world who sincerely admired the angelic beauty and attractiveness of this esteemed supermodel. The world-renowned and successful runway star let no single one stay indifferent.

For those who don’t know, she is among the most desirable German supermodels back in the 1990s. Even since her childhood she has been slim and beautiful soon pursuing a modeling career. Even now she stays among the hottest superstars.

Everything started when she met a model at a party in Dusseldorf one night who suggested her trying her hand in modeling. As a result, she left for Paris and started her career in the big world of fashion.

Eventually, she became a muss for Karl Lagerfeld shortly after she appeared on the cover of French Elle magazine. She has become one of the most outstanding and sought-after celebrities on the runway.

Her career was brought to a completely new level after she became a New York Fashion Week celebrity. As a result, she became one of the most desirable models and has maintained her status for many years.

All these years, she has maintained her perfect body parameters. Due to regular exercises and proper eating, she has remained totally the same. When one looks at her, it becomes hard to believe that she is already in her 50s.

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