One 18-year-old boy bought an old barge and converted it into a comfy houseboat with his own hands

Everyone laughed at him, but then they saw the result and were left speechless! 😮🤐With nothing but his own hands, a young boy converted a barge into a houseboat! 😍👏

Having houseboats has quickly become popular in the Great Brian. In their leisure time, people prefer not to go on trips, but on river cruises which can last several weeks as well.

Today’s guy had long been dreaming of having one, but he had no money for it. So, he decided to make it entirely on his own. Initially, far not everyone believed in him and even laughed when they knew his unrealistically-looking plans.

He could purchase an old barge for pennies which became the future houseboat. He started to plan how to make all the rooms and facilities needed for life. And, finally, he started working!

There were now two small rooms for his mother and sister. He even made room for a kitchen and a bathroom. The furniture was made entirely on his own which is praiseworthy and deserves our special attention.

On the second «floor» there was a small but a comfortable living room .The houseboat looked completely new and became nothing but a cherished dream for all those who saw it.

Many suggest the boy selling it and earn a great sum of money. However, he flatly refused to and now spends his time there with his family.


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