One creative artist remade the faces of iconic women of the past according to today’s beauty standards

Let’s imagine iconic beauties of the past with plastic surgeries! 🫣😲 Today’s artist from London remade their faces and here is the final result! 😯🤯

People’s opinions about plastic surgeries vary. Some are strongly against that, while the others don’t see anything unacceptable and shameful. One may say that cosmetic procedures are necessary when there are some obvious abnormalities.

While in today’s reality, there are trends according to which a large number of not only girls, but also boys undergo surgeries and enhance their «imperfect» appearance. One artist from London remade the faces of iconic women of the past.

His name is Mat Maitland who imagined that these legendary women had rhinoplasty and fillers.

Did you recognize Grace Kelly? Some noticeable changes, right?


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