«Who can guess who is the mother?»։ the photo that Charlize Theron published with her mother confused fans

  1. Like two peas in a pod!🧐😱Charlize Theron recently shared rare photos of herself and her mother, which caused mixed reactions connected with their resemblance🫢😍

Actress Charlize Theron recently celebrated her mother Gerda’s birthday. She wished her mother the best, demonstrating their close bond. However, she and her mother went through many different difficulties․ As a child, when Charlize was 15, her mother always protected her children from their cruel father.

Fortunately, they went through all these difficulties, but of course it left a mark on the children. Charlize then told others that her father had died in a car accident. But she finally sought help to heal and which would help her be calmer. Now Charlize is showing her great love for her mother and her children.

Recently, the actress posted photos of herself and her mother on Instagram. In the post, Charlize wrote how energetic, smiling and talented her mother is.

Gerda always supported and was close to Charlize. They are very attached to each other and it is obvious how similar they are․
What do you think of their resemblance?

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