Five years after raising a gorilla, a guy ignores a warning and decides to reunite with the animal. What happened next will give you goosebumps…

The events recounted might just as easily be fairy tales before we had firsthand experience with them.

From one of Africa’s many jungles, a British environmentalist by the name of Damian Aspinall headed out in search of Kwibi, a gorilla.

Although Aspinall had raised the gorilla, it had been five years since he had last seen Kwibi.

Kwibi was raised by Aspinall in the Howletts Wild Animal Park in England, which was Aspinall’s native country, according to the narrative provided by Aqua Vita Studios.

Aspinall was conscious that returning Kwibi to his natural surroundings was the right course of action. As a result, he released the gorilla into the Gabon bush in West Africa.

Kwibi was five years old when Aspinall released him into the wild as part of a conservation initiative that sought to return gorillas to their natural environment.

Aspinall decided to embark on a quest because, after five years, he wanted to go back to Kwibi. Aspinall was informed by fellow conservationists

working in the Gabonese rainforest that Kwibi did not get along with people and had attacked the two most recent people he had come into contact with.

Aspinall was adamant about getting in touch with Kwibi, though. He also took sure to follow the crucial safety precautions because of what the other environmentalists had warned him about.

Aspinall continued his journey by boat into the vast bush in search of Kwibi. Aspinall and his team moved downriver in the river while he screamed for Kwibi.

‘I was quite determined to meet with him. My brother and I boarded the boat and spent the most of the

day navigating the river in both directions. According to Aspinall, ‘I received this message for the gorillas.’

Just as the boat turned a river curve, the crew spotted Kwibi. The now 10-year-old gorilla had heard Aspinall’s call and had come to the edge of the river to see him in response.

Kwibi looked fantastic, in Aspinall’s opinion, but it remained to be seen how he would behave when they were actually face to face.

Aspinall and his coworkers pulled the boat across the river to the location where they saw Kwibi after spotting him on the opposite side of the river.

Aspinall had been anticipating this gathering for years, but he wasn’t sure how the gorilla would react.

He and his colleagues planned to throw food at the gorilla if it became aggressive before they got off the ship

in case that happened. Aspinall did not give up, though, on the possibility that Kwibi might have recognized him.

Aspinall got off the boat, and after a few time apart, he managed to reunite with Kwibi. Just as he was sitting down

on the ground, Kwibi hesitantly walked up to him, and they pressed their heads together. Kwibi let out a series of loud, grunting growls, which Aspinall deduced meant he was fine.

Aspinall offered Kwibi, who was seated on the opposite side of the room, a leaf that he had in his mouth.

He gave me the most passionate and adoring look into my eyes, which was an amazing experience for me. We did nothing but sat there next to each other,

kind of high. When the two of them first met, Aspinall remarked, ‘He embraced me like a long-lost friend, and it was just beautiful.’

The other members of Kwibi’s group came to see Aspinall shortly after Kwibi showed him an extraordinary amount of love.

His primary concern before leaving for the mainland was to make sure Kwibi was healthy and having fun.

It was time for Aspinall and the team to leave as the sun began to set, but Kwibi, who was seated behind Aspinall and had his arms around him,

would not let him. It was time for Aspinall and the team to depart as the day grew darker. By using some

raisins as bait to entice Aspinall to leave the area, they were eventually able to get him back on the boat.

To Aspinall’s amazement, Kwibi followed the boat, and finally he and his family settled on the opposite bank

of the river from the camp that Aspinall had erected. The following morning, as Kwibi was swimming, Aspinall once more observed him.

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