«He lost a real pretty woman!» Kevin Costner’s ex-wife looked desirable on the beach in a stylish bikini

After these photos, Kevin will definitely regret breaking up with her!😭😒Paparazzi captured the ex-wife of a famous actor in a bikini who surprised even him🔥😱

We would like to remind you that the lawsuit regarding property in the Kevin Costner family is still ongoing․ Recently, his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner decided to take a break with her children in Hawaii. The couple has two sons and a daughter.

The 49-year-old woman was photographed by paparazzi as she walked along the beach in a bikini. Her flawless body and incredible beauty certainly won the hearts of Internet users. Mom and her children enjoyed swimming, sharing moments filled with laughter.


Fans praised her choice of swimsuit and praised her beautiful figure. The couple is selling their $145 million mansion, and while the deal is in progress, Christine can only take her personal items with her. However, disagreements arose and Kevin was disappointed about the things she took.

According to the court order, Kevin must pay $129,000 a month, which is slightly less than what Christine asked for. Despite all these problems, the family is making good use of their time in Hawaii.

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