«Big hips and hanging belly!»: Longoria gained 7 kilos and showed her rounded body from different angles

The fans were not ready to see noticeably rounded Longoria in a tiny one-piece bikini👀👀👀


This esteemed and celebrated star is currently enjoying her well-deserved vacation in company with her husband and son. For those who don’t know, Longoria has recently gained 7 kilos which is clearly visible in the most recent paparazzi photos.

It seems as if Eva doesn’t care about other people’s opinion about her and keeps fully enjoying her time together with her loved ones. She gave her preference to a yellow one-piece swimsuit which emphasized the extra kilos that the star gained.

Most importantly, she is absolutely happy with her precious family. The loyal fans of the star are more than sure that nothing on Earth, even extra weight, can ruin her incredible beauty and femininity.

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