«Ugly legs»: Margot Robbie made an appearance in a mini skirt

 «Ugly legs»: Margot Robbie made an appearance in a mini skirt

Fans have been reacting to this photo of Margot in a mini skirt.🧐😳

In our opinion, she looks stunning. What are your thoughts? Share it in the comments.

Robbie has made an appearance and fans can’t look away from what she is wearing. Even though she might not always wear the best of the dresses, she still looks dazzling.

She is known not only for her red carpet looks but also her street looks, which not always are the best ones but still, she makes everything look good.

In a recent event, Margot wore a short dress with a velvet corset and a white skirt with pleats and wore black high heels.

Her look disappointed fans as they started leaving harsh comments.

“Showed ugly legs again,” one wrote.

The other said: “Everything is fine in Robbie, except for the legs.” While the third one replied: “The image is as unsuccessful as possible.”

Her admirers know that her physique isn’t model like and paparazzi recently caught her on camera while vacationing.

In the picture, she didn’t look as perfect as she does on the red carpets.

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