«Who stole Bellucci’s heart this time?» Here is the first public appearance of Bellucci and her partner

Bellucci first showed the man who became her new boyfriend! 🧐😱 The romance between the Italian cinema icon and the director caused a furor! 😬😦 No one expected such a union! 😮

Here is the legendary actress and her new partner, director Tim Burton, Their first public appearance quickly became the subject of heated discussions letting no single one stay indifferent and not comment on the film star’s new romance.

The couple warmly held each other’s hands and could barely hide their feelings for each other. People immediately started discussing their union and some didn’t even accept it and take them seriously.

However, some noticed that Bellucci didn’t look in love and it seemed as if she was «forced» to show up with him.

«Am I the only one who thinks that she doesn’t share his feelings?», «I have serious doubts whether they are truly in love with each other», «Blink twice if he keeps you forcefully!», «I barely recognized my most favorite Italian actress».

«They look like a father with his daughter», «The union no one was ready for!»,, «They are not a suitable couple at all», «I refuse to believe that the main Italian hottie chose such an unattractive man».

«He is madly in love. It can be seen even through the screen», «Of course, it was difficult not to fall in love with her!», «What did she find in him?».

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