One ordinary woman from Finland showed her 35-square-meter apartment and surprised everyone

Before entering this house no one believed it was so amazing from the inside! 🫢😲One woman from Finland showed her tiny apartment and now everyone wants to live here! 😍

Today, we will head to Hanko – the southernmost corner of Finland. This town is located on a peninsula, surrounded by the sea on all sides. It is, of course, interesting to know how people live and work here.

Now, we will show you an apartment constructed back in 1963. Such apartments are really tiny, but what they look like from the inside will blow everyone’s mind.

The main room is, of course, the living room painted in delicate colors such as white, deep gray, light yellow and wooden.

For the most part, the living room also shares the bedroom. Here, one can relax on their own or invite guests. No one expected that such a tiny house could look so comfortable inside.

Here is the owner photographed in her kitchen. She looks really nice, doesn’t she?


And what concerns the kitchen or the dining area, it looks like as if we went back to the 60s. This may serve as a time machine since the style is modern with some traditional elements in it.


Here, one can see books and other elements which create a special atmosphere and seem to welcome all of us


However surprising it may seem, this apartment was renovated around a decade ago. Before entering it, no one thought it was so amazing, but have a look at it now!

The house has a wonderful view. Just imagine waking up in the morning, drinking tea and enjoying time here!


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