Winslet’s 20-year-old daughter”: The heiress of the star of “Titanic” follows her mother’s footsteps

The daughter of Winslet who is already 20 follows her mother’s career footsteps

It should be noted that the third marriage of iconic British film star K. Winslet has been, in fact, the longest and happiest one in the woman’s life. Though the actress has had one child from each marriage, most people’s attention is mainly drawn to her very first kid which is not really surprising.

It is relevant to mention that her first husband was her compatriot as well as a director J. Tripleton. As Winslet started to star in films since a very young age, she was already a well-known actress in the year1997 when she met her future husband.  At that time, James was an episodic actor, then later an assistant director.

During the set of the movie “Express to Marrakech” James was the third assistant and the actress played the leading role.

The couple married in the year 1998 and two years later their first heiress Mia Honey was born in the city of London. However, the film star’s first marriage was a short-living and the spouses split up when their little girl was still several months old.

Since she was constantly spotted by paparazzi, she has grown up in front of their fans’ eyes and most netizens rush to remark that the girl mainly inherited her father’s appearance.

As Winslet had complexes and insecurities facing bullying and criticism even at her young ages because of her extra weight, she determined to teach her daughter to accept and love her body the way it is and not to hide or hate it. It was the lesson she intended to teach her heiress from a young age so that she would grow up appreciating herself and being confident.

Though the spouses are divorced, James has always been present in his heiress’s upbringing and now claims that Mia is a confident, unique and simply an amazing girl who decided to follow her mother’s career footsteps.

Mia decided to build an acting career already at the age of 15 since she was highly influenced by her mother-actress and father-director.

It is worth mentioning that in 2014, Mia, still being 13, starred in the historical film “The Romance of Versailles” with her mother. And five years later, the girl took part in the Irish-Italian thriller.

Mia is already a grown-up girl who seems to soon replace her mother with her charm, uniqueness as well as brilliant acting skills.

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