«How she lives with this grandpa!» Catherine Zeta-Jones made a splash showing a kiss with her old husband

«Hot kiss with withered old man!»😬Young Zeta-Jones showed a kissing photo with her 78-year-old husband🥴You will be convinced that she deserves a man of her age after looking at the photos in the article💔👇

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a 53-year-old actress who recently came into the spotlight by posting a photo of herself kissing her husband Michael Douglas, who is 78.
After seeing this photo, fans began to discuss Douglas’s appearance and noticed how he had aged in recent months. Some commentators said: «He looks very old», «Douglas has aged a lot»․

Many people doubted the couple’s relationship, commenting: «Zeta-Jones really needs a man of her age», «How does she live with this grandfather»․ Some advised women who choose older men to think about what their husbands will be like in a few years.
However, the couple’s loyal fans praised their long romance and happiness: «A unique couple», «It’s so good that they are still happy», «Don’t be jealous, they look charming»․

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