«Curly Sue» is no longer the same little girl» Here is everyone’s favorite Alisan Porter 30 years later

Once chubby girl is already winning men’s hearts!»💘Alisan was definitely the favorite for many viewers in the 1990s🤗Below you can see how she has changed over the years😳⬇️

Many people remember well the popular comedy about the escape of Bill and the charming Susan. In the 1990s, everyone was a fan of the comedy «Curly Sue».

The film was very successful and was watched by more than 10 million viewers every year in the United States. However, the film was very popular not only in the States, but throughout the world.
Fame and popularity came to the main character, Sue, only at the age of 9.

Alisan Porter is now 41-years-old. She started a family by marrying previous soap opera actor Brian Autenrieth. She gave birth to children during her marriage: a handsome boy and a sweet daughter.
Then they divorced and in 2018, Alisan began a new relationship with dancer Justin de Vera and they had a daughter. However, this marriage also ended in divorce.
The actress decided to become a singer and left her career in the film industry.

In 2016, she was Christina Aguilera’s team when they participated in «The Voice»․ Apparently she feels great in the field of singing and not in cinema․ We wish her much success in her life.

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