«Resemblance that even scares!» Janet Jackson made a splash with her appearance at the «Bal de la Rose»

What would Jackson think if he saw this? 🧐😳The legendary pop singer’s sister Janet keeps astonishing everyone with her incredible resemblance to her late brother! 😱 See what Janet looks like now in this article! 👇👇👇

The name of this legendary and renowned performer is known all over the Globe. Michael Jackson deservedly held the title «The King of Pop» and his significant contribution to the entertainment industry can hardly be overestimated.

One may say that he altered the world of pop music and a new era started with him. Yet, one thing that many people didn’t like about him was his obsession with plastic surgeries. He underwent dozens of them and radically changes his features.

He had changed his chin, nose, lips, eyes and cheekbones transforming himself into a completely different person. For a long time he even wore a mask probably to hide the unsuccessful results of surgeries.

It is no more a secret that he also changed her skin color because of a rare skin condition. Today, it is the sister of the late pop musician who is believed to imitate him. To everyone’s surprise, her nose became much smaller and her skin lighter.

It is worth mentioning that she made her stage debut at the age of 7 in Las Vegas with her siblings. She successfully issued 11 albums. What concerns her personal life, she married musician James DeBarge at the age of 18 but then divorced.

Later, she got married again and had a child. However, this relationship ended in breakup too. During all this time, she could lose 50 kilos and normalize her weight.

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