Do not touch the bottle. This is a new way that thieves steal cars

In our busy and fast-paced lives, it’s very important to be aware of possible dangers. You should never forget this safety tip if you want to keep yourself and your car safe. If you see a plastic bottle stuck between your car’s tire and the frame, be careful. Thieves recently came up with a new and effective way to do something. So, people who might try to steal your car might keep an eye on you by putting a water bottle on your tire. The first place this method was used was in Limpopo, South Africa. It quickly spread to other countries, including the US.

Putting the carjacking plan on the table. It is important to know how this carjacking method works if you want to protect yourself. Car thieves use them to send a message when they put one against one of your wheels. The reason they put it on the front passenger-side wheel is so you won’t see it when you get in the car. It scares the driver to hear the sound of the empty plastic bottle breaking. You would, of course, stop to see what you might have hit.

The auto thief can now act and take advantage of this chance. If you forget to take your keys out of the engine and leave the car moving, someone can quickly get in and drive off. Alternatively, they could use your attention to steal any goods you may have dropped, like cell phones or wallets. You put yourself in danger when you get out of the car to find the noise.

How to Keep Yourself and Your Car Safe. Watch out for this type of carjacking and take steps to protect yourself from becoming a target. Before getting inside your car, check the wheels for any signs of damage. If you find a water bottle stuck between the tire and the frame of your car, be careful.

It’s possible that someone is watching you to steal your stuff. Stay calm and call 911 in a quiet voice to let them know what’s going on and to let them know you’re worried about your safety. Give them exact information about where you are and what kind of car you have.

Stay alert in a world that is getting more complicated
These days, the world is very complicated, so you need to be careful and put your safety first. If you know about this new way of stealing cars that uses plastic bottles, you can make yourself and your car safer. Always remember that safety is the most important thing.

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