Homeless Dad and Daughter’s Inspiring Journey from Selling Pens on the Street to Stardom – The Viral Photo That Changed Their Lives

This is the story of how a Syrian refugee who was barely surviving in Beirut, Lebanon, was able to entirely alter his life when a man photographed him as he was working hard on the streets.

Abdul, originally from Syria, was trying to sell his pens on the streets of Beirut while carrying his daughter in his arms. Despite the fact that it was quite hot outside, he refused to give up because doing so would have meant that his daughter would go hungry.

However, someone photographed him, capturing his determination to survive, and then shared the image on the internet, where it became viral and someone assisted him.

Gissur Simonarson is a website developer from Norway who, like everyone else, saw the image on the internet and decided to start fundraising for Abdul and his family. As a result, people may contribute $200,000 to the cause.

The funds were given to Abdul, who proved to be a conscientious and clever individual. He did not spend all of them but instead created three enterprises. In addition, Abdul chose to hire 16 Syrian refugees in order to assist Lebanon’s 1.2 million refugees. He has also helped his family and friends financially in the past.

Abdul’s life has been drastically transformed, and his young girl is content. He went from scavenging for garbage and selling pens on the street to becoming a respected businessman with the support of others and his intelligence.


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