The Karmic chart: find out what your destiny is depending on the year you were born

Tibetans believe that the soul can be recharged 9 times.

Thus the soul brings to man karmic trials. We can calculate how many times the soul has reincarnated with the help of Mewa atrophy.

It is based on a system of 9 numbers, 9 being the maximum number of reincarnations. Mewa can also tell you what to expect in the new life on Earth.

You can also check who your Mewa is. Just choose from the table below the year you were born:

Wave 1

Anxious and pessimistic character. You can adapt to any situation. A difficult childhood. Slightly affected health.

Depressive tendency and sudden mood swings. Possessive, not too romantic. Occupation: water-related activities.

Wave 2

Friendly character. A traditional mentality, without initiative. The perfect age – 45-47 years.

In love, you are very attentive to your chosen partner. A life is neither poor nor rich. Gambling can ruin you. Occupation: working with people, work related to nature or agriculture.

Мewa 3

Independent, optimistic. You mature early. Sociable and talkative. A positive, stubborn mind. The perfect age – 34-38 years.

Strong and active, possible problems with the nervous system. Quickly spend everything you earn. Occupation: musician, teacher, writer.

Mewa 4

Undecided and weak, easy to hurt. The perfect age – up to 38 years. Irritability in the morning.

Early maturation. Difficulties in establishing lasting relationships. Problems in creating a family. Occupation: public relations, wool production and trade.

Mewa 5

The man of extremes. Ambitious or lazy. Good resistance.

Strong need for love. Unlucky, but you manage to make up for the losses. Gambling addiction.

Мewa 6

Spiritual, active. An innate leader. Fear of failure. The perfect age – 40 years.

In love, the desire for conquest predominates. You are a skilled and brave businessman. Occupation: management, jurisprudence.

Меwa 7

An optimist. Upset when you’re not noticed. You seek happiness and freedom. Stability after 40 years.

You are looking for a love that will bring you freedom. Choosing a partner is very important. Occupation: teacher, trader.

Мewa 8

Stubborn character. Conservative, you often impose your point of view. A lone wolf.

Strong and healthy body. You are loyal and faithful when you start a family.

Mewa 9

Outward-facing. Too critical, you expect too much from others. You are an idealist who despises material things. The average age is the most pleasant.

Attractive and full of love in a relationship. Jealous and possessive. You like intimate fantasies.

You really need money, but you are not persevering enough. Occupation: artist, diplomat, actor, writer.

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