I arrived home late at night, completely drunk. I thought my wife was going to kill me

A man shared on social media how he was treated by his wife after returning home from a heavy drinking session.

“I woke up with a severe hangover. The night before was the company Christmas party where I worked.

I don’t usually drink much alcohol, but those drinks didn’t even taste like alcohol. I couldn’t even remember how I got home. I had a feeling that I had done something wrong and that I was about to find out exactly what it was.

I forced myself to get out of bed. On the nightstand, there was a glass of water, a strip of aspirin, and a red rose. Strange! Everything in the bedroom was neat and tidy.

My clothes from the party were carefully placed on a chair. I took two aspirin and went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. I had a black eye. God, it hurt. There was a note on the bathroom mirror.

“My dear, breakfast is on the kitchen table. I went to the market early to get the ingredients for your favorite pie. I’ll make it tonight. I love you.”

The note was signed with two lipstick marks. Strange!

I dragged myself to the kitchen. Our son was sitting at the kitchen table eating his cereal and playing on his tablet.

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