The praiseworthy act of the young girl to collect money and renovate her parents’ house let no one stay indifferent

The girl collected money and fulfilled her mother’s dream! 😮 She restored their miserable-looking apartment beyond recognition and showed the final result which you can see in this article! 🧐👇

Until she turned 18, Marina lived with her parents. Their family didn’t earn much and could spent money only on food and that’s all. Her mother was a driver and her father was a tent who had to retire because of his physical traumas.

Since early childhood Marina had a goal to make their parents’ dream come true and give their miserable-looking house a fresh look. She worked in many places as a part-time worker but initially had little success and wasn’t able to earn a lot.

What concerns her education, she brilliantly passed the exams with the highest marks and could enter the university not having to pay fee. She moved to a bigger city but her plans to restore her parents’ dream remained unchanged.

For about half a year she had to combine her studies and work and could eventually collect enough money. For hiring some masters they had no money, that is why the family had to do the whole work entirely on their own.

They painted the walls, fixed the floor, chose gorgeous curtains and updated their furniture. Today, the girl has plans to earn enough money for buying new furniture for her parents.

The next step is to renovate the bathroom and kitchen which will take more time and effort.
Have a look at today’s transformation and share your opinion!

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