Was it worth choosing this old man?» Age difference of Alec Baldwin and her wife sparked discussions

Just imagine, he is 65 and she is 39!»🙄Fans are perplexed, how such a hot woman gave birth to 7 children from this withered man😬🤢Just look at what a incompatible couple they are in the article👇👇👇

The famous actor and director, in addition to his popularity in cinema, also covered the world with the number of his children. Alec Baldwin was married several times but his last wife, known as Hilaria Baldwin, made him a famous father. They began living together in 2011 and have four sons and three daughters.

Fans of this family admire their incredible relationship when they post photos on social networks․
The couple decided to have many children, but after the fourth child, Hilaria had two miscarriages. Finally, she was able to give birth to a fifth baby, and for the sixth they turned to a surrogate mother. Hilaria also gave birth to her seventh child.

But there are always people who criticize this famous family about the age difference. In addition, the actor’s wife changed her name from Hilary to Hilaria, and despite her American roots, she apparently wants to pass for a Spanish woman.
She claims to have spent her childhood in Spain and is fluent in English and Spanish. Many confidently say that Hilaria married Alec just for the sake of fame.

Baldwin’s wife is a yoga teacher and even has a book published by her on this discipline. They have a big age difference
which surprises fans․ But they live together happily and beautifully․
What do you think about this couple?

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