This ancient house in England left from the 16th century lets no one remain indifferent

Believe it or not, there is a house left from the 16th century and people are not allowed to restore it! 😮 It is a unique house the appearance of which you can see in this article! 🫢👇

In one small village called Box in Wiltshire, England, one ancient house left from the 16th century is for sale. The traditionally designed building has been updated according to modern standards of living.

At first sight, it looks like a place for filming Jane Ostin’s romances, but when one enters it, there can be found all the needed conditions for life. The name of this ancient building is The Old Diary which leaves no one indifferent.

Not considering its external look, the building is listed among the most remarkable places and people shouldn’t restore it thus ruining its historical touch. This is in charge of a special commission and has historical as well as cultural value.

The last time it was inhabited was in 2007. Currently, they are in search of new owners. The estate has been inhabited by a turtle for around a hundred years, so it cannot be resettled under any circumstances.

The venerable lady bears the proud name of Hercules and was the first owner. From the early autumn to the late spring Hercules sleeps. The animal consumes tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables in warm summers.

Hercules is the oldest inhabitants here and enjoys the pride and respect of everyone. The owners demand 825 thousand pounds.

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